Journey into Tantric LoveMaking

A Virtual Retreat for Couples, Guided by Shashi and Shahid

About this Course

Hi, we are Shashi and Shahid and we are The Tantric Couple! We run retreats all over the world for couples to bring Tantra into their relationships. We had SO may requests to make this more we have! In this video we will explain.


Tantric Love Making

Have you ever wanted to bring some Tantric juiciness into your relationship, but not sure how?

Many couples want to explore Tantra, but cannot make it to a retreat (kids, jobs and all that "life" stuff can really make it a challenge!).

Other couples have been to a live retreat, but want to integrate the practices into their daily home life. It's easy when you are away on retreat, but bringing it all back into your relationship can be the challenge!

And so, we have decided to take some core practices that we share in our retreats and bring them into a "virtual retreat" that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home!

This way, you can learn practices AND have the feel of working them into your regular life at the same time.

What makes this different from other online courses?

There are a few online courses available, but this is way more that that. This will be a "virtual retreat".

We are combining online videos with live video calls, plus a private online forum to bring a couples retreat right into your home!

This way, we can walk you through the process, and be there for you when something arises. Plus you will feel the support of a network of other couples on the journey with you.

A More Juicy Love Life!

We chose the theme of Tantric Love Making for this retreat because over and over again couples come to us asking how to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. If we only make love in one way, it is easy to become bored over time. But with Tantric Practices, you will discover ways to bring new energy into your bedroom.

Not only can we explore different flavors of sexuality, but it is also possible to expand into higher states of consciousness together through sexuality. By bringing different meditations and practices into the relationship, we can enter into different states together.

Elements Explored in this Virtual Retreat include:

  • Creating Sacred Space as a couple
  • Activating the Energy Body together
  • Learning the Art of Tantric Touch
  • Tantric Rituals of Sensuality
  • Tantric Breathwork (for full body orgasm)
  • How to work with Sexual Energy
  • Men's sharing and Women's sharing circles (online)
  • The Different energies of Tantric LoveMaking
  • Making Love into a Higher State of Consciousness

...and more!

The tantric practices mostly take place outside of lovemaking itself...however, they begin to impact your sex life, and can be integrated into your sexuality.

It is a bit like learning to play music, in which you practice exercises and scales and then begin to play music with even more skill and spontaneity.

Together you practice these tantric meditations, and then your intimacy begins to transform.

A few of the practices have an "advanced version" in which you are naked together, or even can do during your lovemaking. However, you will need to practice the simpler version first until you've both got the hang of it!

Remember, tantric exploration is about having FUN! We invite you to take a lighthearted approach to this journey together.

So why be limited to what you already know? Step into the vast realm of possibilities and explore meeting each other in many new ways. This is the Journey of Tantric Love Making...let's go!


Your Instructor

The Tantric Couple
The Tantric Couple

Shashi and Shahid

Shashi and Shahid run couples' retreats all over the world. These retreats are designed for any couple who want to go deep together, whether they have been together 30 years or 30 days! In these retreats, they fuse together the wildness of passion with the grounding of relationship.


Shashi Solluna has been immersed into Tantra since the year 2000, and teaching for over 15 years. After starting her spiritual path as a celibate Buddhist, discovering Tantra completely turned her world around! To find out that there was a way to embrace desire and yet still open to spirituality was revolutionary, and hence she immersed herself into this path ever since!

She has trained in Taoist Sexual Arts (lived with Master Mantak Chia for 2 years full time in his house, studying and wrote a book with him), Osho Tantra (with Ma Anand Sarita, Margot Anand, John Hawken and at Pune Osho Resort where she lived for 2 years), Tantric Yoga (Agama Yoga) and Tantric Bodywork (several different trainings).

Shashi is the author of the Hay House book, Tantra Made Easy. Filmmaker of Sex to Spirit and Tantra Lovers. And has a big online presence. She teaches at Tantra Festivals worldwide. She runs teacher trainings twice a year.


Shahid entered the world of Tantra with a (previous) long-term partner, who explored it as a couple. As well as Tantric retreats, they both trained in Tantric Bodywork. So Shahid has trained in Tantra Massage in a two-year training, and then a deep dive immersive training with John Hawkin. He has worked professionally offering Tantric Bodywork, as well as teaching at festivals.

For several years Shahid has runs a men's group in The Netherlands. He also had a lot of involvement at the Hieros Gamos Festival several times. This festival separates men and women for two days and then unites them again. Shahid was teaching mens' groups, mixed groups and also co-organizing this event.

Currently, Shahid is training for two years with Ma Anand Sarita as a Tantra Teacher, empowering him to bring even more material to the couples retreats with his beloved Shashi.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on Saturday 29th February and ends on Saturday 18th April....though you can revisit the practices over and over again after this date!
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. It will be available to you for lifetime, unless we close down the academy.
Do I need a partner to join this course?
Yes, this is a couples' course, and the practices are designed to do with a partner. However, it is up to you what that means. It may be someone you have been married to for years, or maybe you just met and feel to explore Tantra together. Although our videos show a man and a woman, you can be any gender. The one thing you need together is a commitment to the 8 weeks!
How much time will we invest?
This is up to you! ​ We keep the weekly videos short and precise, so that its is only a 10 to 20 minute guided practice. However, we recommend that you repeat each session a few times that week. Sometimes there is a format that one partner gives and the other receives. In this case, we strongly recommend that you take one evening each way. The one who is giving can also set up the space (lighting, music, candles etc) so that the receiver arrives and receives a total gift.
What if I cannot attend all the live group meetings?
It is OK to join even if you cannot attend some group meetings. We will record these and share them in our private group. That way, they will only be seen by those on the course, and you can watch them in your own time.
What if we don't want to make love?
There is no pressure to have sex throughout the entire training! These practices are about connection, touch, intimacy and energy. If you are having sex, then the practices can change the way you make love. However, even if you are choosing not to have sexual intercourse right now you can still complete the entire training (and incorporate it into your sex life in your own time).
Do I need experience in Tantra or Meditation?
Not at all! You will find it easy to try everything out...all you need is an open-minded attitude! The couple that are guided in the videos on this course were both completely new to Tantra. If you have a longing to meet your partner in new ways, then that is enough!
Do we both need to enroll?
No. The price covers two only one of you need enroll and you can login together. You will BOTH get access to the forum as individuals. ONE PRICE FOR TWO!
We absolutely cannot make those dates. Can we still join?
This is designed to be a "virtual retreat", with a lot of live content. However, all the live videos will be posted online in our members' forum (except the women's and men's groups as they are confidential to each gender), so you could actually follow it all at a later date in your own time. But more powerful to stick to these dates.

Jump in!

So, if you are feeling a bubbling in your belly, then please come and join us!

We are passionate about making love the Tantric way, and we hope we can share that passion with you.

If you have never explored Tantra before, then we GUARANTEE YOU that you will be making love in new ways by the end of two months!!

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? The come join us on the Journey into Tantric LoveMaking....

Get started now!