Margot Anand’s Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life

Everything your need to know to be a Tantric Lover

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margot anandMargot Anand is a bestselling author and world-renowned expert in Tantra. She is a household name in Neo-Tantra, chosen by the mystic Osho to be the first teacher to bring this modality to the Western World.

Margot Anand was drawn to Tantra from her very first sexual experience aged 17, although she had no term for it back then.

Since then, she has spent decades on a sexual-spiritual journey diving deeply into Tantra and founding the SkyDancing® Tantra Institutes.

The Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life is a phenomenal collection of the life works of Margot Anand. Her approach, inspired by her Love and Ecstasy Training™, can take you to a state of heartfelt and expanded bliss. These practices have been taught to over 40,000 people worldwide.

Unlike many online courses, the footage was originally created for a film. Margot was one of the first Tantra teachers to consider bringing the teachings into a video format. So this course is truly a treasure trove.

It contains teachings directly from Margot herself, as well as practices shared by real tantric couples following the program. The couples also share their experiences of the journey, which can help you to frame your own process.

WARNING: This course contains semi-nudity (no genitals, but naked bodies and women’s breasts) and footage of a sensual nature. There are also teaching and educational materials to explain the genitals in Tantric Love Making.

The Layout of the Journey

You will find in this course a step-by-step progression through the teachings of Margot Anand. The Secret Keys offer life-changing tools and techniques presented in an interactive format, so you can study in any sequence and at your own pace. Each Key is demonstrated by real-life tantric couples and singles.

These practices are equally appropriate for same- or opposite-sex couples. Whether you are single or in a relationship, we invite you to experience Margot's proven, practical approach to greater love, sexuality, and intimacy.

This course has three Parts:

  • Part I: Opening Your Secret Love Channel. This part is focused on your own tantric practices.
  • Part II: The Art of Erotic Devotion: This section is starting to lay the foundations to turn your relationship into a Tantric Relationship.
  • Part III: Expanding from Orgasm to Ecstasy: Taking your Love Life to the next level.

Each part contains several keys. Each key contains a 20-minute video, text, and often a a number of practices. You are recommended to take one key at a time, with repetitions as required. Make sure you have fully integrated that key before moving on to the next.

tantric couple margot anandWho is this Course for?

Whether you are completely new to Tantra or have been practicing for years, we invite you to experience Margot's proven, practical approach to greater love, sexuality, and intimacy.

This course is equally appropriate for couples and singles. Most guided practices are designed for couples, however, the content is also advised for singles who want to call in a tantric lover.

If you are single, there are some practices to do alone. Others you can practice with a friend who also wants to learn Tantra. It is suggested that whilst you practice, you also feel how you want to feel in partnership, develop that frequency in your body, and thus increase your chances to attract that in.

heteronormative tantraSexual Orientation

The couples who volunteered to be in the filming were all heterosexual couples. However, the material can all be used by any gender arrangement in your relationship.

It may be that one of you always chooses to embody more “yang” qualities such as initiating, guiding and holding, and the other more “yin” qualities such as surrendering, following and being held. Alternatively, you might enjoy to switch it up. Or you might prefer to express less differentiated qualities.

These are choices for each couple to make for themselves, so please feel free to adapt exercises to your liking.

Your Instructor

Margot Anand
Margot Anand

Margot Anand, the world’s leading authority on Tantra, is an internationally acclaimed author, public speaker, teacher and seminar leader.

Her best-selling books—The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm and The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook—have sold more than a million copies worldwide. Her teaching style is a rare synthesis of French erotic humor, American pragmatism, and Indian mysticism. She is particularly appreciated for her ability to bring healing, lightness, fun, and passion to the workshop atmosphere

Margot Anand has appeared on many national (CNN, CNBC, ABC) and international television and radio programs and has been featured as a keynote speaker at many prestigious national and international conferences including the Association of Humanistic Psychology; Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Body & Soul Conferences presented by Omega Institute; the Outside the Box conference presented by the Young Presidents’ Organization; and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

Margot’s latest book: Love, Sex and Awakening describes the tantric initiations she received in the form of revelations and adventures around the world; cutting-edge stories revealing how Skydancing Tantra was born in the west. This modern tantra is the real deal and is not to be missed…

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Running time is approximately 4 hours, however, we recommend to really take your time on each Key, repeating the practices as necessary to integrate them before moving on.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I need a partner?
This course is full of practices for couples. However, you can also practice alone. It is recommended to practice as if with your ideal beloved, to send the signal into the world or draw them in. We recommend repeating the whole course and second time with a partner later on.
Is this suitable for non-binary or LGBQT?
This course is suitable for everyone, though sometimes the guidance will say “man” and “woman”, you can adjust for your own requirements. You may be a same sex couple who have a clear preference for polarity, in which case decide who wants to respond to “man” and who to “woman”. If you are more flexible together then retreat each exercise twice with variations in switching polarity. Not all exercises are polarised.

We look forward to taking you on this journey into Tantric Love Making….

becoming a tantric couple

This course is an absolute one-off, history in the making! Nowhere else will you have access to study these particular exercises with Margot Anand herself, as she no longer facilitates them (she comes occasionally as a guest speaker, but no longer facilitates these processes).

So through joining this training, you will be able to receive a transmission from the Queen of Tantra herself! Tap right into the roots of modern Neo-Tantra and discover the exercises in their original form.

This is an absolutely solid foundation in Tantra and after this training you will really have covered a wide base for a full Tantric love life.

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